Code of Conduct

The RV Park at the Pima County Fairgrounds Code of Conduct:  We reserve the right to refuse service.

Welcome to the RV Park at the Pima County Fairgrounds! We do whatever we can to ensure that our visitors have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe time during their stay.

The following behaviors may result in being evicted and banned from the property without refund and in some instances, may be subject to prosecution.

  • Any illegal activity

  • Acts of threats or violence

  • Blackwater improperly disposed of or wildcat dumping

  • Destruction of property

  • Disorderly Conduct

  • Disregarding any of the RV Park Policies

  • Hateful or Inciteful Behavior

  • Littered and unkempt sites

  • Trespassing into private areas or construction zones

  • Unsupervised children